Geelong West Brass brings Christmas spirit to Mount Gambier

On Friday 16th November 2012, the Geelong West Brass Band made the trek over to the Blue Lake Brass Festival in Mount Gambier.

The weekend consisted on several marching events, as well as the highlighted Mount Gambier Christmas parade and the On Stage Brass Competition. Geelong West performed a great rendition of 'Death or Glory' in the Official Drill and March - led by Drum Major Bruno Andrade. They combined with Group 2 in the massed bands playing Waltzing Matilda.

This year, Geelong West went to massive efforts to create costumes for the Christmas Parade that were unique to any other year. Dressing as colour co-ordinated 'Bon Bons' - the band looked fantastic featured in front of Santa at the end of the parade. A huge thanks goes to David Steele (and Christine) who went to massive efforts cutting out and painting the bon bons, ensuring that they fit every player.

Geelong West were the only A Grade band to perform on stage from a total of 9 bands on the weekend. The band played extremely well, playing the hymn 'Mid All The Traffic,' their major work 'Tallis Variations,' and the stage march O.R.B. The band finished with an arrangement of Peter Grahams 'Cossack Fire Dance' that flaunted many of the talented soloists in the band, including our Soprano player Dale Lynch. A video of the performance will be uploaded very shortly.

Conductor Jeff Steele was extremely happy with the efforts of the band over the weekend. A huge thanks to the players who came along and helped us out - the band sounded fantastic with you guys there. It is a hectic weekend, with some players playing with more than one band. Geelong West always enjoys their 'footy trip' to Mount Gambier, and is looking forward to the festival in 2013.