Musical Director

Mr. Jeff Steele

Jeff Steele began his musical journey at the tender age of 5 and his natural talent and ability flourished as he began winning various state and national solo championship titles. His greatest achievement was winning the National Junior Champion of Champions on cornet at the age of 17.

Putting the music from his head onto paper, Jeff has even composed two pieces of music. 'Centum,' was written especially for "Centenary
Brass" - a centennial concert celebrating the 100 years of Geelong West Brass Band held at GPAC in December of 2011.

Jeff began conducting when appointed Deputy Musical Director of the
Geelong West Brass Band under the direction and guidance of his good
friend Wally Pope. He took over the band in 1995, and has led the band
for the majority of those years until this present day.

Jeff’s achievements with Geelong West Brass Band include winning the  C Grade National Championships in Melbourne in 2007 and recently
winning the 2011 B Grade National Championships in Adelaide. This
achievement was considered a “benchmark” for Jeff, as he wanted the
band to win a National Competition in B Grade before it was promoted
to A Grade.

A highlight for Jeff is having his eldest daughter Holly playing with the senior band, and having Georgia being involved with the Academy band. He looks forward to the day when Phoebe and Hamish embark on their own musical journeys with the Geelong West Brass Band.

Instrument: Baton or Phillip McCann Bb Cornet
Years in Banding: 36 years
Favourite Piece of Music: Music of the Spheres